NKOYO is the label created, designed and made by me; Alice Nyong. I am an illustrator and print designer, with clients including Alexander McQueen, Amelia's magazine, and J&P London. I draw the designs for NKOYO intricately in pencil, and also add painted elements into them. Everything is done by me from my London studio.

Nkoyo is my middle name. It's translation is 'Beautiful One' in Ibibio language; native to Southern Nigeria.

The pieces in NKOYO are aimed to be objects of beauty, straddling the genres of fine art, fashion and illustration. My first collection is inspired by the base elements that make up the earth. With three designs; braids- representing human kind, precious stones- representing earth, and water- representing the sea. Capturing elements of natural beauty and making them into an elaborate piece of beauty.

The beautiful one.